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Local Financial Advisor Completes Advanced Virtual Training

from America’s IRA Experts at Ed Slott and Company, LLC

MESA, AZ – NOVEMBER 6, 2020 – BRAD COOPER, FINANCIAL ADVISOR OF COOPER FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS, LLC completed his semiannual training with America’s IRA Experts at Ed Slott and Company, LLC by participating in a virtual workshop November 5–6, 2020. The workshop, which was attended by members of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM, provided in-depth technical training on advanced retirement account planning strategies, estate planning techniques as well as an in-depth look at how sweeping retirement and tax law changes under both the SECURE and CARES Acts have impacted financial planning in 2020 and beyond.

“2020 has been an unprecedented year and with the significant policy changes we have seen under the SECURE and CARES Acts, these laws have had both a temporary and long-lasting impact on the way Americans plan for their retirement. With so many families facing early retirement or lay-offs surrounding the pandemic, carefully navigating critical rollover decisions with a trained, skilled professional is more important than ever,” said Ed Slott, CPA, founder of Ed Slott and Company, AARP columnist and a nationally recognized IRA expert who was named “The Best Source for IRA Advice” by The Wall Street Journal.

Highlights from this event included: A review of the SECURE Act and the end of the stretch IRA; CARES Act updates including 2020 RMD waivers, coronavirus-related distributions (CRDs) and plan loan relief; an in-depth look at how to advise clients on key rollover decisions; how to update IRA trust plans after the SECURE Act; an advanced look at Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs,) including the most asked questions about QCDs and how to avoid common mistakes; an update on 60-day rollover rulings; and, a look at 2020 IRA cases and judgments.

Training was provided by Ed Slott and Company’s team of retirement experts, including Ed Slott, CPA; Sarah Brenner, JD; Andy Ives, CFP®, AIF®, and Ian Berger, JD. Ed Slott and Company and many of the advisors in Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM are the go-to resources for attorneys, CPAs and other financial advisors because of their in-depth knowledge and expertise in all areas of retirement account and income planning. This virtual workshop also provided approved continuing education (CE) credit through American College, CFP® Board, IRS and CPE for retirement savings and income planning, federal tax law topics and general financial education.

Members of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM have year-round access to Ed Slott and Company’s team of retirement experts for consultation on advanced planning topics. The membership also includes step-by-step processes, including the Complete IRA Care Solution™ 30-module planning guide. Members also have access to proprietary worksheets, pamphlets and presentations, including 2020 Retirement Plan Changes, 2020 Year-End Checklist, and COVID-19 Retirement Account Relief and Retirement Plan Payouts to Beneficiaries Under the SECURE Act that they can use when working with clients.

“From temporary law changes, like the 2020 RMD waiver, to new permanent policies, such as the elimination of the stretch IRA, there are a lot of new retirement planning rules for Americans to navigate, and it can be difficult to understand when and where your financial plan needs updates,” said Cooper. “Through my membership with Ed Slott and Company, I am up-to-speed on the latest retirement laws and strategies. As we prepare for 2021, I am confident that I have the knowledge and support needed to help my clients implement the financial strategies that are in their best interest.”

Cooper can be contacted for more information on IRA and retirement-related questions. Please visit or call 888-390-5277.

ABOUT ED SLOTT AND COMPANY, LLC: Ed Slott and Company, LLC is the nation’s leading provider of technical IRA education for financial advisors, CPAs and attorneys. Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM is comprised of more than 400 of the nation’s top financial professionals who are dedicated to the mastery of advanced retirement account and tax planning laws and strategies. Slott is a nationally recognized IRA distribution expert, best-selling author and professional speaker. He has hosted several public television specials, including “Retire Safe & Secure! with Ed Slott” and his latest book “The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb” will be released in March 2021. Visit for more information.


Whether you are a pre-retiree, retiree or conservative investor, we want you to have a better financial future. We want you to have financial success for the next 25 years and not go backwards over time, by building a more secure portfolio. Brad E. Cooper is an Investment Advisor Representative and President of Cooper Financial Investments, LLC.

We understand the unique issues facing retirees and those saving for retirement and we are committed to giving you the best advice and services possible. We specialize in financial planning for retirees and those transitioning into retirement. Our services encompass a management system that is designed to be defensive in bad economic times, and opportunistic in good times, education planning, referral partners for tax and estate planning. We take great pride in our relationship with our clients.

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