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I would like to personally invite you to a one-on-one consultation regarding your current investment position. I appreciate your time, so you will receive a complimentary Gift Card upon completion of your financial review.*

In today’s uncertain financial environment, perhaps it’s time to get a professional opinion on your current retirement plan. My name is Brad Cooper, and I am a Financial Advisor proudly serving your area. As a licensed fiduciary, I have to work in your best interest at all times. I am offering you a Complimentary Retirement Check-up and Estate Planning Review. There is absolutely no cost or obligation. Just for meeting with me, you will receive a Visa or Gift Card to The Keg Steakhouse or JC’s Steakhouse.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Social Security – Will your benefits be cut due to the new legislation signed into law November 2, 2015? Will you be forced to withdraw earlier than you anticipated?
  • Wills vs. Trusts – What’s the difference? Which makes sense for you?
  • Retirement Income – Let’s discuss the latest retirement strategies. Do you have a lifetime income plan in place?
  • Market Volatility – How do you help protect your retirement from another downturn?
  • Will you outlive your retirement savings?
  • Risk – Do you know how much of your assets are at risk? Have you ever measured it?
  • Do you truly understand your net rate of return (after fees and costs) on your 401(k) or other retirement plan?
  • What are your options if you’ve recently left your employer or experienced tremendous losses? Is a rollover conversion an appropriate option for you?
  • How to protect yourself from the 50% tax trap on your IRA.
  • Get a Valuable Second Opinion from an Experienced Local Financial Advisor.

When we meet, I will be glad to share with you how I have helped many other area residents plan for a more secure future for themselves and their heirs. Have you done enough to determine that your investments are allocated properly for your goals, dreams and legacy?

Call or complete this form today and we will contact you to schedule your personal appointment date and time, and the Gift Card is on me.

*This is a two appointment process. Upon the completion of the second appointment you will receive the gift card at that time. If married, both spouses must attend. All requested financial statements and records are required prior to the second meeting. All appointments will receive a copy of my new book!